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How to use the toolkit

This toolkit is meant to be a resource for faculty to learn more about the importance of service learning in education, to see what other organizations are doing and get ideas about how to incorporate service learning in the classroom.  You will also find sample lesson plans, forms and templates from other institutions as well as the forms you will need at Briarcliffe College.

If you have questions about the toolkit, please contact the Library staff at or call Bethpage - (516) 918-3627; Patchogue - (631)730-2006.

Library Information

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What is Service Learning?

Service Learning is a dynamic educational strategy that combines community service with classroom instruction.  Students learn civic responsibility and become active in their communities while applying what they've learned in real-world situations.

Service Learning is a teaching & learning strategy that integrates community service with instruction and reflection.

Service Learning enriches the learning experience, teaches civic responsibility and strengthens communities.

Service Learning integrates pedagogy, the community and a specific field or discipline.

Service Learning links course content with community issues.


What Service Learning is Not

Service Learning is not:

  • Volunteering or Community Service, because the emphasis in volunteering is on the service provided rather than on connecting what is learned in the classroom with a project;
  • An internship or an externship, because the emphasis is on hands-on experience rather than on integrating teaching and learning with community service.
  • Guest speakers, because the emphasis is on listening rather than doing and reflecting and then applying to what has been learned in class.
  • One-sided, benefiting only the students or the community.

Service Learning

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